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Dads and Daughters – Bridging the Post Divorce Gap

A priority in all of our lives is “relationship value”, or our feeling of belonging. Maslow’s hierarchy of needs in psychology describes 5 basic components of needs and how we are motivated by them.   […]

Relationship Food for The Soul

It’s easy to lose your identity in a blended family.   As a stepparent; are you overstepping, not involved enough, too cold, controlling, too friendly, too harsh, too lax…  it  may seem as though any […]

The Extra Wicked Stepmother

A recent manifesto written by a law professor/grown stepchild and published on Yahoo brings to light the deep resentment often carried by individuals from divorced families. She (stepmother) hates immigrants, children, and from what I can […]

Disappearing Children

Everyone is encouraged to have a voice these days.  Feel it = say it.  In today’s society, the number of individuals demanding recognition soars past the number of poor souls expected to give it.  Life isn’t […]

Codependent Stepmothers

People often think of addiction when they hear about codependency.  Codependents are notorious for being drawn to people who have addictions.  Codependency is characterized by helplessness, denial and indecisiveness.  Codependents have an excessive need to […]

Summer Visits

Summer will be here soon, and so will your stepchildren! Excited? Scared? Ready to run?  Join the club, this is about the time of year women start panicking. Fathers who live far away from their […]

Conditional Love

Having negative or even hostile feelings toward a stepmother is not uncommon.  Children who feel misplaced by a second wife can grow resentments that can remain permanently unresolved.  Reactions can range from simmering passive aggression […]

Stepfamily Vacations

Summer will be here soon and you might be planning your next vacation.  Among the list of things to decide… where you will go, when will you go and who will be going.  If that […]

Parental Alienation Syndrome

Parental Alienation Syndrome (PAS) is when one parent turns the child against the other parent.  PAS was first identified by Richard Gardner in 1985.  His research shows that the parents who most often engage in […]

His Hers & Ours

Approximately half of all divorced individuals will remarry.  Of the individuals who remarry, nearly 1/2 of the women give birth to at least one child. That means there are thousands and thousands of second wives […]