Relationship Food for The Soul

It’s easy to lose your identity in a blended family.   As a stepparent; are you overstepping, not involved enough, too cold, controlling, too friendly, too harsh, too lax…  it  may seem as though any attempt you make to blend is rejected and an invitation for critique.

The role of being a stepparent can lead a person toward co-dependency.  As we modify our behaviors, hoping to gain acceptance from our stepchildren and soothe marital strains related to them, we can lose our identities as we start to focus more and more on how our presence is received.

If you feel this describes your involvement in your relationship and your blended family, I recommend watching/listening to Alan Rebarge for some relief, healing and education in attachment trauma and emotional connections.

Alan Robarge is a psychotherapist/relationship coach in Philadelphia, PA who has generously offered his relationship wisdom via many videos on YouTube.  I have listed below some of my favorites from his collection below and I encourage you to learn more about patterns and dynamics which may be present in your life through his words.

Chronic Rejection in Your Family: Asking for Change

Validation from Others is OK: Beyond Self-Love and Codependency

Colluding with Being Ignored and Self Betrayal in Relationships

Relationships Suck Because You Abandon Yourself

Attachment Trauma After Emotional Neglect

Not Good Enough: Attachment Trauma Core Beliefs

Love Yourself – There is Nothing Wrong With You

Self-Directed Healing – Inner Wisdom

Self Healing – Difficult Emotions, Mindfulness and Meta Thinking

Relationship Core Beliefs and Staying Stuck

Why Dysfunctional Families Do Not Change

Staying Stuck in Dysfunction

Living Your Life On Auto Pilot: Disconnected, Depleted and Denying Self-Care

The False Self and Feeling Fake, Phony, or like an Imposter (Codependent, Dysfunctional Family)

Emptiness and Living Invisible in Relationships

Emotional Gaslighting as Attachment Trauma







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