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To Be A Step-Grandma!

So you’re a grandmother, or perhaps a step-grandmother.   If your relationship with your grown stepchild has been strained, distant or practically non-existent, you might want to proceed with caution. Very often, stepmothers have high […]

Guilt, Money, Resentment and Children

By the time fathers become walking wallets, a sad dynamic involving guilt and resentment has evolved from grief, loss and pain.  Often fathers try to buy their children’s love… without ever succeeding. Older stepchildren who […]

When Stepmothers Become Caregivers

When stepmothers become caregivers, the struggles they previously faced with their husband’s children and other family members can often become even more difficult to manage. A 2013 study conducted by Carey Wexler Sherman, a research […]

Stepmother or Scapegoat?

As a stepmother, have you ever felt like a scapegoat?  Everything is your fault?  Everybody was enjoying their lives and their family before you came along and spoiled everything! This is often a simplified and […]


What do stepmothers do when faced long term rejection from their stepchildren?   They keep trying to win their stepchildren over, they leave their husbands or they choose to disengage.  The goal of disengaging is […]

Disney Dads

Disney Dads get a bad rap.  If you’ve never heard of the term, it refers to single fathers who usually do not have substantial custody time with their children and attempt to win their children […]

Second Family Expectations

A big roadblock for many second families is having unrealistic expectations.   We often compare our marriages to our husband’s first marriage or to other marriages around us.  These comparisons coupled with high expectations line […]

Alone Time

A common and understandable desire children have is to spend time alone with their fathers.  To date, the common response has been that children should be entitled to spend time alone with their fathers.  Any […]

Relational Aggression

It’s difficult to imagine a stepmother being the victim of bullying, particularly by her stepchildren.  Relational aggression is a form of bullying used most often by females.  It can happen to girls in grade school, […]

10 Stepmonster Myths We Need to Bust Now

written by Wednesday Martin, PhD. MYTH #1: STEPMOTHERS ARE WICKED. THEY ARE TOUGHER ON THEIR STEPCHILDREN THAN MOTHERS ARE TOWARD THEIR OWN CHILDREN. Not so, studies show, and they are not stricter disciplinarians. This in […]